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 I Will Save You Time and Money on Your Most Complicated Medical Cases
I am a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, which means I am a Registered Nurse with additional training so I can help attorneys and insurance companies evaluate health, injury and insurance cases . For the past 20 years, I have worked in the health care industry, and I have the experience you need to evaluate health claims and to take them to their best, most logical conclusion.

I work in the health care system every day. This gives me the benefit of working with medical records, standards of care and the inner workings of the health care system. All of this gives me an advantage for evaluating allegations versus standards of care and patient (client) expectations versus customary, usual and acceptable performance by the medical community.

I pride myself on my ability to give you and your clients a fair, unbiased evaluation and intrepreation of the chronology of a case, reasonable expectations and any deviations from what is generally accepted as reasonable, adequate care. I am knowledgable of the medical industry and unbiased in my evaluations and conclusions

I will share my clinical expertise and give you and your clients support in all aspects of your law suit.

Call me at (406) 690-4314. I can help you.

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